A full time Meryl Streep worshipper, a Harry Potter aficionado and an educator - that’s Jiten. When he is not in his classrooms, he loves having conversations with people over coffee. The only thing permanent in his life are his 18 tattoos, two of which are an homage to his past relationship.


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Ways to get over a Break Up | Bonobology.com

Gym, Journals, Jagjit Singh...how I got over my break-up

Jitendra Pande
Jitendra Pande
Posted on : 08 Mar 2016

Jitendra Pande shares five tried and tested ways of recovering from heartbreak

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Jitendra Pande

Jitendra Pande Commented

16 Feb 2016

Comment : Some pretty interesting insights here. Love the line every generation has to struggle with sexual rules of it's time.
Monogamy Was Meant For The Housewife, Not Apsara, Says Devdutt Pattanaik | Bonobology

Monogamy was meant for the housewife, not the apsara - Devdutt Pattanaik

Raksha Bharadia
Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 14 Jun 2016

Devdutt Pattanaik on the changing definition of fidelity and the challenges for the modern male

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