Vishal Sam is a Bombay Boy of 34 years who’s been in the matrimony process for so long that it’s the only relationship he feels committed to. In fact, he’s enjoying the process too much to stop it. After spending half his salary at coffee shops, the only way he has to recover the money, is to write about his experiences.

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Who pays the bill on a dinner date? | Bonobology

The delicate dilemma of a dinner date

Vishal Sampat
Vishal Sampat
Posted on : 13 Feb 2017

Should he pay, let her pick up the tab, or offer to go Dutch?

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Wrong to love your friends as much as your girlfriend or boyfriend?

Vishal Sampat
Vishal Sampat
Posted on : 13 Jun 2016

Read Vishal Sampat's account of a date that goes wrong for the right reason

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