An editor and a motorcycling enthusiast, Arijit Ghosh has been writing for over a decade about everything under the sun, from soliloquies of unhinged minds or anecdotal accounts from his days in Benaras, to erotica, lost love, and the nuances of living as an atheist in multicultural India. His work has been published in Gravel Magazine, Bonobology, Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul, and The Brown Critique.

He lives in Bangalore, subservient to his wife of two decades and a 14-year-old son.


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Coping up with the partner

She loves three men and I'm coming to terms with it

Arijit Ghosh
Arijit Ghosh
Posted on : 07 Nov 2016

Compersion is defined as finding joy when your loved one invests in and takes pleasure from another romantic or sexual relationship

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Unrequited love, Stolen moments and Longing for Love |

The signal is red, and I'm looking for her little blue car

Arijit Ghosh
Arijit Ghosh
Posted on : 13 Jun 2016

Standing at the signal, when I think of her, I realize I haven’t moved very far from where I started. Arijit Ghosh narrates a true account f...

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Exclusivity in an extra-marital affair

I recently came across a friend who is faced with a strange problem. He is married, but in love with another married woman. He wants to be exclusively ... Read More

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Arijit Ghosh

Arijit Ghosh Commented

27 Oct 2016

Comment : I met her on Facebook in a common forum and realized I have no feelings left at all. We became friends and we chat once in a while. There's nothing awkward about it.

What will be your reaction if you come across her/ him, your teenage crush unexpectedlly? Will you avoid her or try to hide?

Will you be able to look into her eyes with same passion you once had?

Of course, each one has their own way of reacting.

Let's discuss how it would be for each of you?

Arijit Ghosh

Arijit Ghosh Commented

19 Sep 2016

Comment : I think it is a matter of convenience. It always makes sense to bring up a child together. The child will get both the parents and the burden on you as a single parent will also lessen. That's a practical solution. About cheating, that's a different thing altogether. In today's urban context, casual sex with a colleague or having a friend with benefits is so common, it is almost a norm. Am not going into the right or wrong of it, but if he has been with someone else, you can have an open relationship. What matters is, are you two good friends? To cohabit with someone, a good friendship is very necessary. But remember, you have equal rights to go out and experiment with other men at your own free will, even if you are together with your ex. I suggest an open relationship, a good friendship, and bringing up the child together without any friction. About relationships, if he has found reason to go out once, he might go out again, and you can explore too.

My husband of 7 years cheated on me two years ago and we separated. Now he is all apologetic and wants us to get back together. I am not sure if I have forgiven him yet. But I don't know what to do. We have a 5 year old daughter, who loves her father and was just beginning to move on without him around. Please help!

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