Abha Iyengar is an award winning, internationally published poet, author, essayist and a British Council certified creative writing mentor. Her published works include Yearnings, Flash Bites, Shrayan, Many Fish to Fry, and The Gourd Seller and Other Short Stories.

I am an expressionist, I use words to do it.



To Kill a Mockingbird

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Family & Marriage In India, Status Consciousness & A Love Story | Bonobology

The status syndrome

Abha Iyengar
Abha Iyengar
Posted on : 18 Aug 2016

A brave decision taken by a young girl despite her parents’ shallow reasons to disapprove of her choice of life partner

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04 Sep 2016

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Abha Iyengar

Abha Iyengar Commented

01 Jul 2016

Comment : Such a lovely interview. He talks straight from his heart. They are blessed to have their art and love.
Jitendra Baoni Interview | On Art, Marriage & His Wife | Bonobology

"We were creating art, and also a life together" - Jitendra Baoni

Prerna Shah
Prerna Shah
Posted on : 30 Jun 2016

Artist Jitendra Baoni shares how art brought him together with fellow artist and wife Kakoli, and why the women in his paintings uncannily resemble her…

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Abha Iyengar

Abha Iyengar Commented

23 May 2016

Comment : Well spoken. Indian women are brought up to be prudish. Of course, it's fine to crave sex while pregnant.
Craving Sec During Pregnancy | Bonobology.com

Some women crave sex and not lemons during pregnancy

Roopal Kewalya
Roopal Kewalya
Posted on : 22 May 2016

Roopal Kewalya writes about her craving for sex, and not the more usual sour fruit, during pregnancy. She shares the horrified reactions her desire elicited from other women, including her friends!

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