Niharika Nandi claims to be a professional bathroom singer who loves devouring hazelnut shakes and believes she is consumed by wanderlust. She is also a hardcore yogini and loves long bike rides. Born to a mix of cultures, the media trainee has just hit two scores in terms of age and is still trying to find herself.

Articles by Niharika Nandi

Amidst Struggle Same Sex Couple Finds Support In Each Other | Bonobology

Rejected by family, accepted by true love

Niharika Nandi
Niharika Nandi
Posted on : 03 Aug 2016

Sasha’s quest for her true gender identity has not received her family or society’s approval. But she has found love and it is enough…

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Advice On Relationships & Their Changing Phases | Bonobology

A College Romance Blossoms into a Mature Relationship

Niharika Nandi
Niharika Nandi
Posted on : 01 Aug 2016

From movie marathons and endless conversations over the phone, Salonee and Maroof have come a long way

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