Bijay Anand is a Kundalini Yoga teacher. His philosophy on love, relationships and an organic way of life, as well as his teachings on living life based on the ancient wisdoms espoused in ancient Eastern cultures, have earned him respect and admiration from around the world. He is the founder of Anahata Retreats, which organises eclectic yoga, wellness and spiritual retreats in exotic locations around India. 

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Preciousness of the Pregnancy Period - Our Journey | Bonobology

We're having a baby

Bijay Jasjit Anand
Bijay Jasjit Anand
Posted on : 20 Dec 2016

How my intimate involvement in the 9 months of my wife’s pregnancy laid the foundations of a deep-spiritual relationship with my daughter

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Who Is The Boss In Your Relationship? | Bonobology

Alpha in the house

Bijay Jasjit Anand
Bijay Jasjit Anand
Posted on : 05 Oct 2016

Equal rights - Equal egos give rise to major conflicts. So who’s the BOSS?

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Marriage Tips: Work On Yourself, Not Your Spouse! | Bonobology

Dance of the two spirals

Bijay Jasjit Anand
Bijay Jasjit Anand
Posted on : 08 Aug 2016

Ever wished that your spouse ‘spruced up’ their looks, appearance or their life? Don’t ever try to change them. Here’s another trick to solv...

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The Aikido Way Of Dealing With An Angry Spouse | Bonobology

The Aikido of relationships

Bijay Jasjit Anand
Bijay Jasjit Anand
Posted on : 17 Jul 2016

Taming an angry spouse with love and ’The Aikido way'

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Activity by Bijay Jasjit Anand

Bijay Jasjit Anand

Bijay Jasjit Anand Commented

05 Oct 2016

Comment : My all time favourite book is Shogun by James Clavell. I remember reading it thrice inspite of its voluminous nature (I think 700 pages) approximately 20 years ago. Despite the fact that I have read it two decades ago, I can never forget the protagonists Blackthorne as well as the Shogun himself Toranaga. The embodiment of goodness, compassion, stillness and resolve as part of their personalities as well as leadership ideologies makes them stand out in my mind as role models. Which is why they are both my favourite protagonists of all time.

Let's accept it. During our years of growing up, we come across some fictitious character in a book or a movie who is etched up by the writer so beautifully that it leaves behind an indelible imprint on mind, enough to last a lifetime. We get smitten. It could frame up our idea of a near-perfect hero or heroine. Who is your favourite protagonist from a Classic book or movie and why?

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