As an award winning senior journalist and communications professional, Roshni loves to write (with her pet cat providing the Persian rug feel atop her foot as she types on). Relationships, the very basis for living life as we know it, intrigue her especially with the complexity with which they present themselves. Reading, travelling, and having her mind ignited by fresh, new ideas (though she may not necessarily implement them) are some of her other passions.


Stories by Roshni Mitra

Best time for sex after 30s | Bonobology

Scheduled intimacy can be just as fulfilling

Roshni Mitra
Roshni Mitra
Posted on : 04 Nov 2016

Rajan Bhonsle, consultant in sexual medicine & counsellor and his wife Minnu Bhonsle, consulting psychotherapist & counsellor highlight an e...

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How Cancer Shook The Foundations Of Her Marriage | Bonobology

When cancer exposed the chinks in her marriage

Roshni Mitra
Roshni Mitra
Posted on : 17 Jul 2016

Was Ankur, her husband avoiding her or was it just her imagination? Anjali More shares her story.

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