Abhay did his electronics engineering from IIT Varanasi and worked in the IT sector. He subsequently changed his line to join academics. He did his PhD in new media and currently teaches in Delhi University.


Stories by Abhay Chawla

How My First Job Led Me To My Life Partner | Bonobology

How my first job led me to my life partner

Abhay Chawla
Abhay Chawla
Posted on : 26 Sep 2016

The first job brings many things along - opportunities, excitement and financial independence. For him, destiny had more in store!

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A Tender, Tragic Tale Of Love | Bonobology

A tender, tragic tale of love

Abhay Chawla
Abhay Chawla
Posted on : 18 Jul 2016

When Abhay Chawla reads about the murder of a friend from college, he reminisces about their time together…

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