Born and brought up in a Bengali family of Kolkata, Sampurna enjoyed reading classics as a child. Chasing her passion, she later went on to earn a degree in Literature from University of Delhi. A digital marketeer by profession, she is passionate about food, travel and photography; she also takes interest in a myriad topics ranging from politics to philosophy to relationships and women issues and frequently writes about them. She lives in Delhi. Twitter - @SampurnaMajumde

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A Love Story That Could Have Been | Something About Him | Bonobology

Something about Him

Sampurna Majumder
Sampurna Majumder
Posted on : 21 Aug 2016

Casual date, strong connect, oodles of conversation over pint sized bottles….and then?

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Rejected By The Arranged Marriage Market, She Still Rises | Bonobology

Rejected by the marriage market, she still rises

Sampurna Majumder
Sampurna Majumder
Posted on : 25 Jul 2016

A single woman in her early thirties who, despite rejections, has not lost hope in love, marriage and humanity

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Sampurna Majumder

Sampurna Majumder Commented

28 Aug 2016

Comment : yes even I agree, If you have a good partner life becomes great. Life is truly beautiful if you have loving, understanding and a supportive partner. Being single throughout is really not that great an idea.
Life Is Happier When You Are Not In A Relationship | Bonobology

Life is happier when you are not in a relationship

Team Bonobology
Team Bonobology
Posted on : 24 Jan 2016

Author - professor Rimi B Chatterjee makes a strong case for being single

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Sampurna Majumder

Sampurna Majumder Commented

22 Aug 2016

Comment : nothing has changed in the society. No matter how many Sindhus, Sanias, Dipas and Sakhshis we have, the place for maximum middle class women in India happens to be the kitchen...
Husband & Wife Relationship Similar To Employer & Maid? | Bonobology

Are we Glorified Maids Disguised as Wives?

Devlina Ganguly
Devlina Ganguly
Posted on : 03 Aug 2016

Says Devlina Ganguly in a candid retelling of her marital experience.

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Sampurna Majumder

Sampurna Majumder Commented

17 Aug 2016

Comment : dont worry Maissha, its good that it dint happen. You were saved from being married to someone who loved money more than you. Do you think you would have been able to adjust with such a person. Something better is in store. Dont worry

A guy who was interested in me for getting married has suddenly lost interest because he got another match who is richer than my family. Does money play such an important role?

Sampurna Majumder

Sampurna Majumder Commented

11 Aug 2016

Comment : Good post Kirti. Trust me even I have been through the same since the past 8 years. Today at 31 I am still single and happy in my own world. I have stopped worrying about the society and founding the "RIGHT" match for me. I just dont give a damn and live my life on my own terms.
Lost & Found In The Indian Arranged Marriage Market | Bonobology

Lost in the Arranged Marriage Market

Kruti Patel
Kruti Patel
Posted on : 11 Aug 2016

Only to find myself again in the midst of a sea of biodatas, arranged meetings and rejections…

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