Eisha Sarkar is a writer by profession and an explorer by nature. When not writing, she lectures students at universities in India on the ways of the media, or travels to observe people of various cultures and tribes. She has worked with organisations in India and Australia in various roles as journalist, writer, educator, communications manager and designer. She is a teacher and social media coordinator at Pax Populi, a peacebuilding NGO, which tutors students in Afghanistan.


Stories by Eisha Sarkar

Living With A Vegetarian Partner: Where

Where's the meat?

Eisha Sarkar
Eisha Sarkar
Posted on : 03 Oct 2016

How does a staunch non-vegetarian adjust to living in a strictly vegetarian joint family?

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When Bell

When my Husband Lost his Smile

Eisha Sarkar
Eisha Sarkar
Posted on : 07 Aug 2016

Bell’s Palsy struck Eisha’s husband from the blue. This is the story of how they both fought the paralytic condition and brought his smile b...

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