Indraneel Majumdar writes a daily post on Facebook, mostly for his own consumption and feels good when some others read and comment. He has been at it for some years. Hacking away at “slice of life” situations. He also has an alternate life. Doing management stuff in companies of others’ choosing. He alternates between Bangalore where his home is and Kolkata where most of his work is. Home is also the abode where his spouse, Kiran and his daughter, Antara stay. Mostly, blissfully.

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Space, Spouses And Successful Marriages | Bonobology

Space, spouses and successful marriages

Indraneel Majumdar
Indraneel Majumdar
Posted on : 18 Oct 2016

Almost by accident they hit upon a way to lead independent lives but be happy together

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Is It OK For My Wife To Meet Her Ex-Boyfriend? | Bonobology

An Ex-boyfriend, my Wife and the Decision

Indraneel Majumdar
Indraneel Majumdar
Posted on : 27 Jul 2016

Should it be okay for my wife to meet her ex-boyfriend? I had also written to my old girlfriends but this was different…

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