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When not writing, Divya Nair Hinge is running around her 3 year old or her 30 year old, both of whom occupy the biggest share of her time and heart. She’s greying at the roots, thanks to her husband and remains a child at heart, thanks to her son. With a double post-graduation to her credit, one in chemistry and the other in journalism and mass communications, she manages to squeeze enough time to read, write, reflect and travel, some of the things she believes brings out the best in her.

A Marriage Of Equals That Gave Wings To Her Dreams | Bonobology

A Marriage of Equals

Divya Nair Hinge
Divya Nair Hinge
Posted on : 25 Aug 2016

After 21 years of marriage and as a wife, mother and daughter-in-law, it was not easy moving to another country to pursue higher education. ...

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Indian Army Life & What It Takes To Be An Army Wife | Bonobology

A Braveheart called the Soldier's Wife

Divya Nair Hinge
Divya Nair Hinge
Posted on : 14 Aug 2016

When the husband is on the warfront, it’s an equally difficult battle between the heart and the head for his wife back home. Mrs. Charanjit ...

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Marriage Stories | Freedom To Choose Powers Her Marriage | Bonobology

The Freedom to Choose Powers her Marriage

Divya Nair Hinge
Divya Nair Hinge
Posted on : 31 Jul 2016

Just like Anushka Sharma’s character Aarfa in Bollywood’s latest blockbuster Sultan, this writer says that by giving her the freedom to make...

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