Ipsita Nathak

Ipsita, a dreamy-eyed bipolar Piscean, is a communications professional who currently juggles work with household chores and humour keeps her sane. Writing, music, cinema, photography, cooking and travelling comprise her core passions, while her two-year-old keeps her on her toes. An avid social networker, she believes her online sojourns are a window to the world. Her writings are a reflection of her simple yet vivacious personality.

Affair With More Than One Married Man Before Marriage | Bonobology

Am I immoral for loving three men?

Ipsita Nathak
Ipsita Nathak
Posted on : 06 Oct 2016

She had two affairs with married men before her own marriage, and is still in touch with them. Although she’s not unfaithful to her husband,...

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Honey, Our Sex Life After A Baby Has Shrunk! | Bonobology

Honey, the baby shrunk our sex-life!

Ipsita Nathak
Ipsita Nathak
Posted on : 02 Sep 2016

Couples are getting candid about how having a baby affects their sex life. Here’s a mommy telling you how she managed, and how we all can fi...

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