Commander ‘Jae’ Rajesh is a retired officer from the Indian Navy who loves the outdoors, has travelled and trekked extensively, skydived, and whitewater rafted. He is a fitness aficionado with a passion for photography and music and is settled currently in Hyderabad with his wife and two sons.

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What Men Want from Women | Bonobology

What men want from women

J Rajesh
J Rajesh
Posted on : 07 Dec 2016

Don’t fall into a rut of familiarity; keep up the mystery

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Platform No.7 & My Tryst With Love: A Short Love Story | Bonobology

Platform No. 7 and my tryst with love

J Rajesh
J Rajesh
Posted on : 19 Sep 2016

An interesting love story, the journey of which, by a strange coincidence, involved several modes of transport

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Difficulties In Marriage Due To Job Loss & Anger Couldn

A good marriage helps tide over tough times

J Rajesh
J Rajesh
Posted on : 15 Aug 2016

By looking beyond my barbs and temper tantrums that were an outcome of a ‘no-work’ phase in my life, my wife became the calm I was looking f...

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What do men want?

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The stereotyping of the husband-wife relationship

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J Rajesh

J Rajesh Commented

30 Dec 2016

Comment : - Be responsible for your own happiness. No matter what the situation, it's in your hands whether it makes you happy or unhappy.

- Do not lead a reactive life, that only takes away your control from your own life.

- Live in the present. The past, whether bitter or sweet, is just in your memory and no longer real. The future is just an imagination.

The dynamics of a couple relationship changes every few months/years. What is your takeaway from the lat year?

J Rajesh

J Rajesh Commented

02 Dec 2016

Comment : In my opinion there is a qualitative difference in the type of man-woman relationship, between having sex and talking about it. Sexual thoughts are of extremely personal nature. While it is an easy, instinctive and natural act to have sex with the man/ woman, it takes a relationship that’s strong, intimate and mutually respectful and understanding to develop the openness required to talk about or discuss it.

Talking, exchanging the feelings, revealing what it felt like and what is expected is the only way we can move towards improving, spicing up and really making sex fun. But why don't we actually see that happening?

J Rajesh

J Rajesh Commented

30 Nov 2016

Comment : Ideally it's best live in the present, in this moment. That's the only thing that is real and relevant. The past that you're talking about is not real or existing anymore. They are just YOUR memories. Talking and discussing and getting affected by it amounts to wasting your life over something that is not real, not relevant to your current life and that which exists only in your memory.

Is it ok to completely avoid talking of the details of our past relationships? Does the past really matter enough to be spoken about?

J Rajesh

J Rajesh Commented

28 Nov 2016

Comment : You term it 'intensity'. I'll call it complexity. Sometimes we just want the mind to be calm, the thought process to be straightforward. Without the twists and turns of emotions leading to the innumerable permutations and combinations of situational outcomes. Not that we don't like the occasional challenges....we do. But only sometimes. And when we say, "Don't think too much", it is well intentioned and we mean exactly what it says!

Whenever our partners cannot handle our intensity they say 'don't think too much'..thoughts, comments people?

J Rajesh

J Rajesh Commented

24 Nov 2016

Comment : You made the right decision. Because you were going away for all the wrong reasons. You don't climb a mountain or walk in the beach sands to get away from your loved ones. You do it to try and find, discover, re-discover, as the case maybe, your own self. A self, which in most of us has ceased to exist, lost its identity, without the reference of a spouse or partner or child or a loved one. A self who has taken on the responsibility of the happiness of all but, self.
Family over a solo vacation - a Woman

Do women need solo vacations away from husband and children to assert freedom?

Sinjini Sengupta
Sinjini Sengupta
Posted on : 24 Nov 2016

Under social pressure, she planned a solo vacation. But when it came to the crunch, she couldn’t go

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