She is a homemaker who has willingly chosen family commitments over a full-time career. She loves reading, writing, voicing her opinion, cooking and generally lazing around. She freelances as a writer for blogs and believes in the power of words to change the world.

I am a socially responsible, jovial, dynamic, committed individual, married for eighteen years, mother and friend to my 14 year old daughter.

Trust and mutual respect

Lack of respect

Arranged Marriage, by Chitra Bannerjee Divakaruni, and Afterwards, by Jaishree Mishra, most mysteries of Agatha Christie

Movies, dance recitals

Indian tandoori


Stories by Barnali Roy

Does Your Man Not Listen To You? Do What She Does | Bonobology.Com

What she did to get him to listen to her

Barnali Roy
Barnali Roy
Posted on : 19 Jun 2017

Why doesn’t he listen to her when she talks? She thinks she’s found a solution

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Badrinath ki Dulhania - A Bollywood love story with a twist?|

Hinterland ki dulhaniya

Barnali Roy
Barnali Roy
Posted on : 25 Mar 2017

While still a mainstream commercial film, Badrinath ki Dulhaniya delivers an upbeat message about changing gender roles

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Personal Space in Marriage | Bonobology

Give me space!

Barnali Roy
Barnali Roy
Posted on : 07 Mar 2017

Personal space within a relationship is a complex combination of freedom and choice

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Adjusting To Marriage & To Each Other Has Its Own Rewards | Bonobology

Adapting to Each Other: Some Do It Right

Barnali Roy
Barnali Roy
Posted on : 23 Aug 2016

One-upmanship between couples often leaves their lives without charm. Adjusting and adapting to each other's needs has own rewards.

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Blogs published by Barnali Roy

A Homemaker's Job

A housewife's job, as they say, is never done. It goes on 24/7, 365 days a year.

While corporate and other jobs have hol ...

Barnali Roy    
Barnali Roy 30 Mar 2017
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Are Meek Wives Really Submissive?

The general notion about women in the earlier days was that they should be seen and not heard. Barring a Draupadi or a Noor Jehan, wives w ...

Barnali Roy    
Barnali Roy 25 Apr 2017
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Do you listen to your spouse attentively?

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What is your pet peeve about your wife/girlfriend?

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Time to smell the coffee boys?

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Time and experience taught me to give space in my married relationship. What about you?

I would like to know your views about giving space to each other in a marriage. Do you agree that too much involvement and closeness translate into st ... Read More

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Barnali Roy

Barnali Roy Commented

20 Jun 2017

Comment :

Me-time is oxygen in a helps you survive by connecting to your inner self. Clarity of thought, new ideas, better analysis of mistakes is only possible in your me-time. Besides of course pursuing your own hobbies and interests, which your partner may not enjoy.

Does one have a right to have a 'me-time' away from ones partner? When in a relationship, one is expected to be with ones partner - as I said expected to be! Is this fair? Can one of them not have a right to a 'me-time', where s/he spends time with herself or with her friends or whatever she wants to do?

Is 'me-time' unfair to the other partner? Or are you stuck for life with your partner with no individual time for yourself?

Barnali Roy

Barnali Roy Commented

09 Jun 2017

Comment :

We tend to take our close ones for granted while maintaining the veneer of politeness and courtesy towards outsiders. That's because we want to maintain our image in society. At home or with our own people we are our own unpolished rude selves. But it's those close ones who are going to remain with us through life, so we better remember that. And show kindness and courtesy towards them too.

I have seen many people behaving rudely to their spouses but very sweet and polite with outsiders.  Whats the reason behind it??

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