Summerita Rhayne writes contemporary and historical romance. She has won writing contests with prestigious publishers like Harlequin India and Harper Collins India.


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How Does a Couple Look Beyond Divorce to be Parents Together? |

Neither friends nor enemies after divorce. Can they be parents together?

Summerita Rhayne
Summerita Rhayne
Posted on : 13 May 2016

Can a divorced couple bridge the gap between love and loving, for the sake of their child, asks Summerita Rhayne

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Summerita Rhayne

Summerita Rhayne Commented

02 Jan 2017

Comment : I'm often very vocal in stating my case but this year I've learnt the value of staying quiet. Best way to express disagreement is through silence - that's my takeaway. Sometimes the path of least resistance is good. If your other half is wont to understand your views, he or she will, even without heated arguments. In any case, it will save you a lot of energy :p

The dynamics of a couple relationship changes every few months/years. What is your takeaway from the lat year?

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