Subhabrata is a middle-aged finance professional working with an MNC and is married to his childhood friend for 15 years. They have a 13-year-old son.


Stories by Subhabrata Nandi

Importance of Horoscope Matching in Marriage | Bonobology

Fighting against the stars

Subhabrata Nandi
Subhabrata Nandi
Posted on : 23 Jan 2017

She is Libra and he is Pisces. What do their kundalis say?

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A Weekend Family - our Unique Arrangement | Bonobology

Diary of a man who successfully juggles his wife and mother

Subhabrata Nandi
Subhabrata Nandi
Posted on : 29 Nov 2016

At times he gave up conjugal bliss and at times the traditional family frame to balance his commitments between his wife and mother

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I Love My Wife, Because She Is Different | Bonobology

In love with my wife, because she's 'different'

Subhabrata Nandi
Subhabrata Nandi
Posted on : 31 Aug 2016

A husband shares his story of being married to a woman who would rather sing to the clouds than splurge on jewellery and clothes

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