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The Sexual Journey of a Gay Man | Homosexuality |

I love more than one person and I'm not afraid to admit it

Naufal Khan
Naufal Khan
Posted on : 03 May 2017

He uses his own perspective as a gay man to explain why monogamy is an artificial social construct

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The Wedding Ring and why I

A wedding ring I'll never wear

Naufal Khan
Naufal Khan
Posted on : 15 Dec 2016

They bought the rings, but everything was not right with their relationship

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Guy Dating: My Indian Family Prefers The Closet | Bonobology

My Indian family prefers the closet

Naufal Khan
Naufal Khan
Posted on : 30 Aug 2016

The very word ‘gay’ struck fear that I would ‘turn’ my younger family members queer at some stage.

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Naufal Khan

Naufal Khan Commented

29 Sep 2016

Comment : And that day will come soon we all hope for our gay desi family in India!

I hope for a day when Indians will embrace homosexuality the way some other countries have. This is not so much of a question as much as it is a quiet observation and a keen I wish!

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