Moupia Basu is a seasoned writer and editor with over 25 years of experience. She has worked with some of the country's top publications and is currently Consulting Editor with a top advertising and media web portal. As the wife of an army officer, she has travelled extensively. Her first book, Khoka, was published last year.


Stories by Moupia Basu

When I made Bed Tea for my Husband | Bonobology

The first cup of tea

Moupia Basu
Moupia Basu
Posted on : 15 Dec 2016

Traditionally it is the ‘good wife’ who makes the husband his first cup of tea for the day. With that thought in mind, she decided to set th...

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Losing My Identity In A Relationship | Bonobology

Losing my identity

Moupia Basu
Moupia Basu
Posted on : 05 Sep 2016

You don’t need a husband who beats you up, or insults you, or engages in extramarital affairs to ruin your self-esteem, to crush your identi...

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