A software engineer by profession, Vidya Bhandarkar is an avid reader. Writing is her newfound passion, which she employs to express what her introvert nature does not otherwise allow.


Stories by Vidya Bhandarkar

The Obamas - Love and Romance | Bonobology

What the Obamas teach us about love

Vidya Bhandarkar
Vidya Bhandarkar
Posted on : 28 Jan 2017

We usually hear from the media about romance and early love. What about love that endures through immense pressure?

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Love Lessons On A Bench, Under The Canopy | Bonobology

Lessons on a bench, under the canopy

Vidya Bhandarkar
Vidya Bhandarkar
Posted on : 14 Sep 2016

The growing familiarity stops us from being fully sympathetic and responsive to each other. We shy away from embracing pleasure, dreaming bi...

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