‘Vaidy’ is an entrepreneur, a Chennai Tam Bram with the customary US stint and currently settled in Delhi. He has been a keen observer of interpersonal relationships right from his school days and has logged in his diary numerous interesting instances of both personal and allied experiences. By nature averse to limelight, this is his first foray into a public forum.


Stories by Vaidy

Wife Cheats On Husband But Observes Karwa Chauth For Him. Why? | Bonobology

Why she prayed for his well-being while cheating on him

Posted on : 19 Oct 2016

Is it possible to have an affair while caring deeply about your spouse?

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Comments: 5
Having An Affair Lit My Life | Bonobology

An affair that lit up my life

Posted on : 14 Sep 2016

It was unconventional and beautiful in its naked form, yet sinful and adulterous when clothed in societal norms

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Comments: 12


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