An analyst by profession, Ranabir Bhattachajee is an avid traveler and a self-proclaimed philosopher. He prefers to read the traits of human beings rather than books. He loves jotting down emotions just the way they flow. Interacting with new people, understanding different cultures and his innate quest to know more keep him going. He’s a hardcore Bollywood buff who loves to cook.


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Communication between Partners | Bonobology

Too late to talk

Ranabir Bhattacharjee
Ranabir Bhattacharjee
Posted on : 30 Jan 2017

He was too busy to talk to her when she needed to and then…

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Why I Got Divorced Despite Being Supportive Of My Wife | Bonobology

When values clash, marriages crash

Ranabir Bhattacharjee
Ranabir Bhattacharjee
Posted on : 13 Sep 2016

My parents had expectations from my wife, but she belonged to a business family with different values

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Ranabir Bhattacharjee

Ranabir Bhattacharjee Commented

30 May 2017

Comment : Just Married

“Caption This & Win Prizes!”

Team Bonobology
Team Bonobology
Posted on : 30 May 2017

Let’s think of a story behind this photo

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Ranabir Bhattacharjee

Ranabir Bhattacharjee Commented

25 Mar 2017

Comment : Well honestly speaking from experience of marriage, I totally believe that you have come alone and you will leave alone from this world. So regardless of your age it's better to stay single. If you worry about your last days of life, trust me just pelf wise make yourself so strong that any old age home will welcome you with open arms. Till than keep living your life to the fullest. Enjoy life as it is a Present (gift) with worrying about last days.??

I have been pondering on this for a while now...How does one keep the same energy and zest for life in the later years? Do we need a Partner or we can make it without one?

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