Pallavi Chopra is a simple person with such eclectic tastes that she tries to experience a little 'more' of everything in life... from food to colours to books and even emotions! She believes that life is a beautiful culmination of such experiences and each moment must be 'lived'! 

I am a mother, wife, daughter and 'just me'. A person with eclectic taste in food to colours, I want to explore the world and experience flavour of different cultures.

Communication- I love to talk and listen and I strongly feel that such conversations brings people closer and become shared memories.


Secret by Rhonda

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A walk down the Memory lane | Bonobology

The magic of precious moments with the one you love

Pallavi Chopra
Pallavi Chopra
Posted on : 10 Dec 2016

In the hustle of fulfilling life’s responsibilities, she discovered she had changed in more ways than one

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God's secret plan for my marriage

Pallavi Chopra
Pallavi Chopra
Posted on : 09 Sep 2016

Working with him, I realised he was a conscientious worker who enjoyed and loved his work. Though absolutely different personalities, we bec...

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Pallavi Chopra

Pallavi Chopra Commented

18 Dec 2016

Comment : Internet is a platform where I have met old friends and really like knowing about the progress of their life and their achievements. It is a way to be connected in some little way with friends and family all over the world. However I do not believe in starting new relationships on Internet.

We now live in a world where the internet is becoming a bare necessity. I've bonded with way too many people on the internet, & I'm sure many of you have too...Are internet based friendships really strong? Has internet based friendships made life more meaningful? What's your take on it?

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