Saheli Mitra is a mother of a 13-year-old boy, married to her childhood friend for more than 15 years. She is a gold medalist from Calcutta University in Zoology and did her M.Phil. in Environmental Biology. She loves travelling and writing verses.


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My perfect Valentine

A different Valentine's

Saheli Mitra
Saheli Mitra
Posted on : 14 Feb 2017

She always gets loads of flowers, heaps of cards and books on Valentine’s Day. Candle-lit dinner invites, picnic-style lunching out with the...

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My Wife is my Rock | Bonobology

She is my rock: Saikat Majumdar

Saheli Mitra
Saheli Mitra
Posted on : 03 Feb 2017

Novelist, critic, author and academician Saikat Majumdar spoke about his latest offering and how his parents’ troubled marriage and...

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The Affair After Marriage That Saved Me & My Son | Bonobology

You may call me unfaithful

Saheli Mitra
Saheli Mitra
Posted on : 08 Aug 2016

But I was faithful to my needs and desires, and to my son who needed a father figure, says Mona Ray

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Bonobology | A Modern Draupadi | Loving Two Men With Consent

A modern Draupadi...loving two men with consent

Saheli Mitra
Saheli Mitra
Posted on : 29 May 2016

Indian society expects that married women will have no relationships outside marriage, but Saheli has experienced such a relationship, with ...

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Surrogacy and adoption as ways to grow the family | Bonobology

Why I decided to go for surrogacy or adoption despite being able to give birth

Saheli Mitra
Saheli Mitra
Posted on : 03 Mar 2016

Saheli Mitra talks about the justification for and social challenges in trying alternate ways of growing the family instead of giving birth

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Activity by Saheli Mitra

Saheli Mitra

Saheli Mitra Commented

10 Feb 2017

Comment : Marriage in my opinion cannot and should not end a man or woman's right to have a mental connect and a sharing relationship with others of the opposite sex. Be it friendship, romantic relationship, physical needs, as long as one can maintain a balance one has every right to enjoy his or her space. And its that space where an affair can feature, where a romantic relationship can come up or even a dependance on another person. I find no reason to shy away from getting love in various forms without complaining that my husband doesn't provide me this and that and hence I am venturing out. It should not be a cause and effect .. it should be spontaneous

It is not uncommon for the marriage to become a drag because of routine, boredom and monotony and one partner may become totally uninterested. The marriage has to continue for various reasons ranging from kids to society. In such a situation if the other partner develops a relationship outside, does the spouse has the right to object ?

Saheli Mitra

Saheli Mitra Commented

28 Jan 2017

Comment : Oh! I so much agree to this!!! These days most communications are through the virtual media and well i should not say they come for free. Do they? Because I have to spens money to fill my mobile data card or for a net connection. But well in a way if the services came at a higher

cost I have no idea if such long conversations would continue. But yes for long distance relationships, conversations on social media etc have helped a lot in my opinion.

Most affairs - pre or extra-marital - these days start with long chats. Just wondering, if whatsapp, messenger, twitter etc were not free, would we talk, connect, fight, argue or flirt so much?

Saheli Mitra

Saheli Mitra Commented

23 Jan 2017

Comment : Oh yes.. I have experienced this first hand with my first cousin. She is a lawyer and didnt get time to marry pursuing her profession. But now she and her parents also want her to settle. She has registered on many marriage portals and many men have called up but not a single proposal clicked. And many have even said she being successful, financially independent and the only child of her parents have failed the usual test of being a good option for an Indian wife!!!

Why does it feel impossible to find a sensible groom for an educated girl once she is above 35? Introductions via online marriage portals never seem to go to the next step other than the basic hello - are the men really not interested or do they get scared listening to an opinionated voice! Does it all have to be about cooking and traditional homely girl?

Saheli Mitra

Saheli Mitra Commented

29 Nov 2016

Comment : Its an absolute must for me. Unless my partner knows my secrets and relationships I never feel clear tommy conscience. Its not that I feel I am cheating him but that he has the right to know what all goes on in my life. So I have always shared details. Now if he can't take it then we would never have been married in the first place. But thankfully he respected my relationships even some that left me with a lot of hurt. And frankly I feel lucky that atleast I have someone in my life who i can go to and cry over and not keep things just to myself.

Is it ok to completely avoid talking of the details of our past relationships? Does the past really matter enough to be spoken about?

Saheli Mitra

Saheli Mitra Commented

10 Nov 2016

Comment : Over the years have realised love is not chaos. On the contrary it is a self satisfying realisation that puts one to peace.. inner peace. So i would rather say love inner peace and meditation go hand in hand. Hence meditation and mind control automatically redirects our feelings of love in the most profound and universal fashion.. a love that comes from within.. from the deepest depths of our being.

all too often, a show of love passes for love - frequent sex, being seen together at the right places at the right time - but do we really listen to each other? regular meditation can help you communicate better.

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