A single woman in her 30s, Naina Madan continues to look for the next adventure that life has in store for her, in career or love. Delhi is home, her life partner, but of late, Mumbai has become her lover, more than a fling, or so she would like to believe. 


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एक 30 से अधिक उम्र की अकेली लड़की के जीवन के कठोर सत्य

Naina Madan
Naina Madan
Posted on : 31 Mar 2017

वह स्वयं के बारे में सच्चाई का सामना करती है, इस विश्वास के साथ कि यह उसे समाधान के समीप ले जाएगा

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Harsh Truths In The Life Of A 30 And Single Girl | Bonobology

Harsh truths in the life of a single, 30-something girl

Naina Madan
Naina Madan
Posted on : 13 Oct 2016

She faces up finally to some truths about herself, in the belief this will get her closer to resolving them

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