Veteran Wing Commander Arun Kaul is an alumnus of St. Stephen’s College. A graduate and post graduate in English Literature from Delhi University and a post graduate from the Faculty of Management Studies, he has served the Indian Air Force. He has also been the Group Head-Human Resources with Arvind Mills. He is the author of Only One Life To Give, a book featuring real life stories.

One who wants to live by ones own values and honest to others.

live my life fully.


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How they complement each other in their marriage | Bonobology

She got a letter after her marriage...

Arun Kaul
Arun Kaul
Posted on : 07 Feb 2017

He was a dashing and popular bachelor and then he got married. How would his wife deal with his past?

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How Do Cultural Relationships & Environments Affect A Couple? | Bonobology

How does a couple's environment affect their relationship?

Arun Kaul
Arun Kaul
Posted on : 13 Oct 2016

The environment surrounding a married couple often has a great impact on how their relationship progresses, as this story illustrates

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Arun Kaul

Arun Kaul Commented

27 Dec 2016

Comment : To get back to living ones own life its important to move on without baggage .The article the right mix of heart and mind...looking forward to reading the book.
Dealing with the Ex | Bonobology

Your happiness matters more than your ex's unhappiness

Posted on : 24 Dec 2016

She came through a divorce to write about the experience to help others in similar situations. Here is an excerpt from Untying the fine knots: How to deal with Divorce

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