Vakratuund loves observing people and the nuances of interpersonal relationships. Over the course of time, he’s had his fair share of relationships, learning a thing or two about the effort and time that goes into them. It’s a continuous process of learning. That’s why he’d like to share the experiences he’s heard of and been through in the hope that it helps people be happier with their better halves.


Stories by Vakratuund

We broke up | Bonobology

Why I went to a hooker

Posted on : 09 Mar 2017

They’d broken up but he hadn’t gotten over it

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Financial Situation of a Live-In Relationship | Bonobology

Money and living-in

Posted on : 20 Dec 2016

Is money a troublesome topic to address in a live-in relationship?

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When Grief Destroys A Relationship Connection & Intimacy | Bonobology

When grief destroys a couple's connection and intimacy

Posted on : 12 Oct 2016

Grief has changed her, and now they’re lugging around the corpse of a relationship just because neither has the courage to accept that the r...

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