Lekha Menon

Lekha Menon is a journalist who thought she had made a difference but was practical enough to realise she hadn't. A closet romantic, she is accused of being a cynic but she believes she is a realist.

When I Tried To Make Romance Happen | Bonobology

When I Tried to Make it Happen...

Lekha Menon
Lekha Menon
Posted on : 14 Jul 2016

Planned or natural, romance may happen... or not, says Lekha Menon.

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Bonobology | Why Can't A Boy & Girl Just Be Friends?

I know we are friends but...

Lekha Menon
Lekha Menon
Posted on : 14 Apr 2016

That mortifying, terrifying moment when he asks you to be more than a friend, as experienced by Lekha Menon.

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I Need A Man In My Life, And Also A Man Friday! | Bonobology

I need a Man in my life, and also a Man Friday!

Lekha Menon
Lekha Menon
Posted on : 15 Feb 2016

Let's be honest, emotional compatibility apart, doesn't it feel great if your man can fix the remote or your woman can cook and clean?

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Single In Dubai & Missing Mumbai | Bonobology

Single in Dubai and Missing Mumbai

Lekha Menon
Lekha Menon
Posted on : 19 Jan 2016

Gorgeous, single and super talented? Here's why Mumbai may be a better place for for you

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You Can Fix A Cricket Match, Not Attraction | Bonobology

You can fix a cricket match, not attraction

Lekha Menon
Lekha Menon
Posted on : 14 Jan 2016

You know something is awry when your date looks at the watch and you look at the sky

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