Dr Sanjeev Trivedi is a life coach who in last four decades has worked with individuals needing guidance in personal life, partners and owners of small to medium to very large enterprises in sectors like automobile, cement, food products, hospitality, hospitals, ice-cream, information technology, media, petroleum, pharmaceutical, real-estate, telecom etc.

He is one of the finest life coaches and consultation with him is an amazing experience. An attitude engineering expert, he oxygenates your soul with emotional fulfillment, displacing the spiritual void.

Apart from holding a masters in organic chemistry, an MBA in marketing and a Ph.D in stress management he is also an unparalleled astrologer with clients all over the world.

Full of compassion, I am genuinely available to all those who need me.

There cannot be a relationship without a caring attitude.

Arguements and Disrespect

The Atlas Shrugged

The Guide

Indian Vegetarian Cuisine from the Gangetic Belt in Hindi heartland. Is there an equal for Aloo Parantha with potato stuffing more than the dough ?


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Ten Tips On Dealing With Heartbreak | Bonobology.Com

10 ways to deal with heartbreak

Sanjeev Trivedi
Sanjeev Trivedi
Posted on : 22 Jun 2017

Life coach Sanjeev Trivedi has constructive advice on how to deal with heartbreak

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Wife Had An Affair | Lover Proposed Marriage | Bonobology.Com

Despite being 12 years younger and unemployed, he wanted to marry me

Sanjeev Trivedi
Sanjeev Trivedi
Posted on : 23 May 2017

Boredom in her marriage led her to have an affair with a younger man, until suddenly he proposed marriage

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अपने विवाह में परास्त की गई

Sanjeev Trivedi
Sanjeev Trivedi
Posted on : 30 Mar 2017

यह दोष ढूंढने और आलोचना से शुरू हुआ

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Staying in a unhappy marriage? | Bonobology

Crushed in my marriage

Sanjeev Trivedi
Sanjeev Trivedi
Posted on : 02 Feb 2017

It began with finding fault and criticism...

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How sleeping in separate bedrooms saved a marriage | Bonobology

How sleeping in separate bedrooms made them a better couple

Sanjeev Trivedi
Sanjeev Trivedi
Posted on : 02 Nov 2016

Spirituality has meant they no longer share a bedroom, but he believes it makes them a more balanced couple

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Honeymoon - Full Or New Moon ?

The full moon is beautiful, charming and attractive like most the honeymoons are. In fact this time is so rosy that the proverb, honeymoon period g ...

Sanjeev Trivedi    
DrSanjeevTrivedi 14 Jun 2017
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Sanjeev Trivedi

Sanjeev Trivedi Commented

23 Jun 2017

Comment :


Interests start varying. Couples are unable to hold each other's attention and so they drift.

Is it due to less excitement, less newness in relationship or is it because of falling energy in our lives as we grow older or something else?

Sanjeev Trivedi

Sanjeev Trivedi Like this

21 Jun 2017

Rape And Mythology | Greek Mythology and Rape | Bonobology.Com

Mythology, rape and silencing the victim

Utkarsh Patel
Utkarsh Patel
Posted on : 19 Jun 2017

Not just one but two crimes are often perpetrated against the victim of rape; they are often forcibly silenced after being subjected to abuse

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Sanjeev Trivedi

Sanjeev Trivedi Commented

20 Jun 2017

Comment :


Your victory and achievement needs to be applauded. All is well that ends well. After all you seem to be waiting for a reason to divorce.


Catching someone doing something wrong is far more easy than preventing doing wrong or correcting them.

i really dont think we all have the strength to withstand cheating partners,i was a victim that suffered in the hands of my spouse until i found a spy that was introduced to me by a friend,his address is hacknspytech at gmaildotcom, he got me so much evidence to divorce rightfully.i am back to being myself now and happy.

Sanjeev Trivedi

Sanjeev Trivedi Commented

19 Jun 2017

Comment :


Emergency situation. Time to see a coach or a counselor.

Came upon an interesting term yesterday called "Emotional Divorce", which 'is a psychological mechanism some spouses use when they feel the marriage has become a threat to their well-being. When you divorce yourself emotionally from your spouse, you have separated your emotions from the marriage'. 

Sounds terribly like the state of many marriages I see around me. People stick around with their spouses just for the sake of kids, financial dependence or social convenience. When all emotion has left the equation, what do you think such parties of a marriage should do?

Sanjeev Trivedi

Sanjeev Trivedi Commented

15 Jun 2017

Comment :


A staff nurse may be providing care and sympathising very closely. Would you call it love and romance ? 

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