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Can you be friends with your ex? | Bonobology.com

Can you be friends with an ex? Do you tell your partner about it?

Tia Basu
Tia Basu
Posted on : 24 Mar 2017

How do you move on in a relationship when it’s no longer about the ‘love-love’?

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Story About Love & Friendship In A Relationship | Bonobology

Why I prefer friendship over romance with my partner

Tia Basu
Tia Basu
Posted on : 22 Oct 2016

Winner of the contest 'Do the best relationships come out of friendship?', Tia Basu, bags an Amazon Kindle for sharing her take with us!

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Do you (women especially) often find it difficult to state your needs clearly in a relationship?

I've often found myself and many of my (mostly) female friends finding to tough to articulate our needs when in a relationship. It could be any ... Read More

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Tia Basu

Tia Basu Commented

02 May 2017

Comment :

To my mind, the only time sex is wrong is when it's non-consensual. Thereby, there's nothing wrong with his wanting it OR with your not wanting it right now. But, it is essential that you create a relationship where you can talk about these things, especially when you're on different pages about it. If you're not ready, you're not ready and he needs to be able to accept that with good grace and minimum ego. At the same time, maybe both of you can talk and examine your thoughts and attitudes towards sex. Bottom line: Communicate as honestly as possible. Talk about fears, technicalities, the messiness, the attraction...all of it. Sex is a big part of a partnership, so there needs to be clarity.



I was engaged a month ago with a boy of my parent's choosing. We have been talking since and have gotten quite close. My fiance has hinted at premarital sex while we are engaged. He says since we are getting married in six months time, it will not change anything but only get us closer. Am not sure if I want to and how to say no without hurting his feelings

Tia Basu

Tia Basu Commented

23 Apr 2017

Comment :

I doubt it's the mere act of drinking that makes it an issue. It's the aftermath that a partner perhaps fears. Domestic abuse and violence very often stem from drunkenness, as do other, less violent, but embarrassing situations.

We constantly hear such stories and somewhere, also, wives are often conditioned to think they need to bring their husbands 'line mein.' 

Also, being popular with others and successful in the outside world, doesn't necessarily mean someone is great at his/her personal life. You could be a perfectly decent person to the outside world, and still be an abusive partner.

Wives claim to be suffering in a big way as a result of alcohol consumption by husband. The husband is termed insensitive or even abusive, by the wife. But the same man could be extremely successful in the outside world. He may be enviably popular with other ladies and gentlemen. He takes care of the family in all other ways. What could be going wrong and why ?


Tia Basu

Tia Basu Commented

28 Oct 2016

Comment : I'm actually in touch with most people I've crushed on or dated through the years and share a fairly amiable relationship with them. While I do think that, given enough time, one or two of them might still rekindle feelings in me, my first love is firmly behind me and I think I've gotten over him completely as a romantic partner.

What will be your reaction if you come across her/ him, your teenage crush unexpectedlly? Will you avoid her or try to hide?

Will you be able to look into her eyes with same passion you once had?

Of course, each one has their own way of reacting.

Let's discuss how it would be for each of you?

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