Tapan Mozumdar is an engineer by training and a real estate builder by profession. He is interested in poetry, short stories and now, in photography. He is undergoing anger management therapy and lives with his parents and wife. 

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The Online Affair | Bonobology

In search of an affair

Tapan Mozumdar
Tapan Mozumdar
Posted on : 11 Jan 2017

He met her online and was thrilled to get a chance to meet her in real life. Would the meeting live up to his expectations?

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My wife's dreams

Tapan Mozumdar
Tapan Mozumdar
Posted on : 15 Nov 2016

Is it too late for the wife to try and realise some of the dreams she had as a young bride?

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Is it acceptable for a modern woman to have husband dependent on her income?

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Activity by Tapan Mozumdar

Tapan Mozumdar

Tapan Mozumdar Commented

19 Feb 2017

Comment : You know Hydrogen Chloride? Hydrogen is a tiny atom and Chlorine is a mighty one. Yet, it is one of the strongest bonds in Chemistry. It works because they complement each other. The attraction works for them to keep bonded. Then there are those molecules where the atoms are equal in size but bond is weak. Such bond can be terminated by a little external excitements

Who can say how the bonds work? :)

Ideally, a marriage is about equality in everything. But rarely does it turn out to be so in the real life. When one partner contributes more to the marital bond and takes less credit for its success, does it spell disaster or start a new era of happy accommodation?

Tapan Mozumdar

Tapan Mozumdar Like this

17 Feb 2017

Is holding onto the past wrecking your Marriage? | Bonobology

Are accusations about your past wrecking your marriage?

Tuli Banerjee
Tuli Banerjee
Posted on : 17 Feb 2017

Tapan Mozumdar raised a question on Bonobology’s community forum asking how to deal with the accusations from the past. Bonobology readers share their views...

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Tapan Mozumdar

Tapan Mozumdar Commented

30 Jan 2017

Comment : It's overrated and often confused with companionship or lust

The dynamics of a couple relationship changes every few months/years. What is your takeaway from the lat year?

Tapan Mozumdar

Tapan Mozumdar Commented

29 Jan 2017

Comment : That's true. Boredom in each other's company is the first indicator that the relationship is going downhill. A couple may take a vacation, but in an exotic place may be busier on personal mobiles than on each other. We carry on the ennui very long in our culture. In certain cases, Western cultures provide a less messier exit route.

Valentine's Day is nearing. While I am a super romantic person who always thinks of ways to keep the romance ignited in my relationship, I find many couples around saying - now we have been married, how does Valentine's Day or any other day seem to be different to us? The reason I think they feel this way is familiarity or boredom.

When one or both the partners in a relationship feel bored with each other, it’s very easy to get blindsided and the relationship may blow up in a very painful way. If boredom is the over-riding feeling that both the partners in a relationship have, then it’s a huge threat toward the relationship. Share your views.

Tapan Mozumdar

Tapan Mozumdar Commented

28 Jan 2017

Comment : Not so romantic. Routine and comfort take over. Dependencies increase. It becomes to remember each other's medicine timing rather than birthdays and anniversaries. Discovery of romance doesn't remain important. A land is already found. It's about living and prospering there.

At times I wonder whether senior citizens revive an old, forgotten, unfulfilled dream after spending decades together as a married couple. Or maybe they come up with a new dream and make it a passion to ensure it does not remain a pipe dream this time.

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