Sujata Rajpal is a corporate communications and PR professional turned full-time author. Her debut novel The Other End of the Corridor is her first work of fiction. She also writes columns and articles for online and print publications. She stumbled upon her passion for writing when her cushy job stopped challenging her. When not writing, she indulges in long walks, yoga, Toastmasters and playing chess with her two sons.

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Difference in my Professional and Personal life | Bonobology

A career woman to the world, she suffered beatings at home

Sujata Rajpal
Sujata Rajpal
Posted on : 28 Dec 2016

She earned more than him, thought her love could stop his physical and verbal abuse

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Sujata Rajpal

Sujata Rajpal Commented

24 Nov 2016

Comment : Firstly , men are not as expressive as women. They like to keep their emotions to themselves. Secondly, they are not much emotional about the relationship as compared to women. For women irrespective of status, age and economic background, their lives revolve around relationships both good and bad.

I find that women find it easy to talk about partners, men like to keep mum? Is it that they do not feel as much or they just think it is strictly private business?

Sujata Rajpal

Sujata Rajpal Commented

16 Oct 2016

Comment : It’s not easy to know the symptoms as outside behavior may not show the turmoil going inside. It depends on how much they otherwise communicate with each other. Usually the communication is about kids and the mundane stuff. Yes, if they actually communicate with each other and not just talk to each other, they would know the symptoms.

Men or women who go through a mid life crisis have many symptoms. But it differs from person to person. The timing differs. Someone would have it at 45, someone else at 33. The type of crisis differs. Someone would want sex. Someone else affairs. But behaviour changes. So does a relationship in the marriage. So, do you know? If not, we can discuss here.

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