Dua Prayaag is 28 years old and has been working in the development sector for over six years now. Independent and self-reliant, friends, family and travelling is what keeps her going.

Independent and self reliant, my family and friends and travel keeps me going..


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I Wanted Love, Not A Lesson To Learn | Bonobology

I wanted love, not a lesson to learn

Posted on : 17 Apr 2016

Dua Prayaag talks of love’s labour lost and fighting every temptation to kiss and make-up

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Dua Commented

18 Feb 2017

Comment : I was in a long distance for 6 years and it was never a big deal because both of us wanted us to grow and work towards a future together. He faltered. I think for a lot of people like him, physical proximity, sex etc are very important but its when they do not want to address it is when the problem arises. My experience says this for me, can be different for others.

While many people vouch for distance being a good thing in their relationship, some feel it exposes the flaws in their bond. Some work their chinks out by utilising the time apart, others fail miserably at feeling connected. What's your take on the subject?


Dua Commented

26 Jan 2017

Comment : Can you elaborate?

At times I wonder whether senior citizens revive an old, forgotten, unfulfilled dream after spending decades together as a married couple. Or maybe they come up with a new dream and make it a passion to ensure it does not remain a pipe dream this time.


Dua Commented

12 Jan 2017

Comment : Frankly i have noticed that because of the way men in India are brought up, and, my apologies for generalising, if they know how to cook, even reasonably ok, the world around them makes them believe they are a boon to their woman. I do not think it should be a big deal if a man can cook, just like one does not make a big deal about a woman being a good cook!:)

Does enjoying the challenge of rustling up the perfect dish enable a man to perfect his relationship skills? In my opinion, it often does. What has your experience been? Do you think the better a man's cooking abilities, the better he is at appreciating his partner? Or does one have no bearing on the other?


Dua Commented

05 Oct 2016

Comment : From experiences of people around me, I have observed that if one of the partners is not serious about the relationship, in the long run, the other suffers in a live in. Despite the laws etc in place, there is a certain stigma attached with living in and a lot of people would not approach the courts if one of the partners is not committed and breaks up/wants to end the relationship without having any obligations. Practical at many fronts, it may not be as practical after all.

Inspite of all the laws that have been passed by the court, live-in is much frowned upon in India still. What is your opinion about it? Is it good/bad/ugly to live-in with your partner? And what about keeping your parents in the know?


Dua Commented

25 Sep 2016

Comment : Talk to your wife about it. Also ask yourself, what is it that makes you jealous?

There are these two men I feel jealous about, the way my wife chats with them in parties. I know nothing more will happen, it's just party fun, but still can't help watching out for where she is when they are in the same party. Help please.

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