Paromita Bardoloi

Paromita Bardoloi describes herself as a proud Indian, writer, columnist, book reviewer, dreamer, workaholic and achiever.

Relationship Tips To Handle & Avoid Throwing Dirt At Ex Partners | Bonobology

When Ex-Partners Wash Dirty Linen in Public

Paromita Bardoloi
Paromita Bardoloi
Posted on : 07 Aug 2016

Why respect, not just love is what relationships must aspire to have, says Dr. Kushal Jain

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What I Learnt About Love At 30 - It's Over-Rated | Bonobology

What I learnt about love at's over-rated

Paromita Bardoloi
Paromita Bardoloi
Posted on : 23 Jun 2016

Paromita Bardoloi takes a retrospective look at her life; from the time she was a martyr without a cause, to being happy and fulfilled in lo...

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