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Shifa Maitra is a creative consultant who is media agnostic, currently India content head for Fame Digital.

Love & Friendship - A Winning Formula For Marriage | Bonobology

Three Cheers to a Friendship that Makes their Marriage Rock!

Shifa Maitra
Shifa Maitra
Posted on : 05 Aug 2016

When you marry your best friend and remain friends no matter how many years pass by, it becomes a marriage for keeps…

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Deepika Padukone & The Art of Being Cool With Your Ex | Bonobology

Deepika Padukone and the art of being cool with your ex

Shifa Maitra
Shifa Maitra
Posted on : 23 Jun 2016

Shifa Maitra is all praises for the star who seems to have managed to juggle Ranbir and Ranveer, but wonders if everyone can do the same

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Finding True Love | The First Love Returns After 20 Years | Bonobology

Meant to be...when your one true love returns after twenty years

Shifa Maitra
Shifa Maitra
Posted on : 10 Jun 2016

Shifa Maitra recounts her friend Ishaani’s tryst with love and how, eventually, it did conquer all…

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Love & Technology | Should You Send Naughty Images & Texts?

Sending a naughty image or text to your love? Think again!

Shifa Maitra
Shifa Maitra
Posted on : 10 May 2016

Shifa Mitra raises important points about being prudent, and having restraint when it comes to exchanging love 'notes' in the digital age, l...

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