Jamshed V Rajan (also known as Jammy) is a Chief Product Officer turned househusband who now loves to write books and create educational yet entertaining videos for kids. He is married to Rekha, who keeps him on a tight lease, and together they have two kids: Rhea, a nine-year-old daughter, and Ritwik, a three-and-a-half-year-old son. He is online 18 hours a day. 



Lack of it

Couplehood by Paul Reiser



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He discovers there

The househusbands are coming to get you

Jamshed V Rajan
Jamshed V Rajan
Posted on : 07 Apr 2017

As an up-and-coming househusband, he reveals what he says is a worldwide conspiracy by housewives

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Raksha Bandhan Festival & Why I Dread It | Bonobology

Does Rakshabandhan scare you?

Jamshed V Rajan
Jamshed V Rajan
Posted on : 16 Aug 2016

Does this festival have an ‘other side?’ Perhaps, it does, says our humourist Jammy

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Bonobology | Similarities Between an Indian Wedding & a Blog Camp

The similarity between marriage ceremony and blog camp

Jamshed V Rajan
Jamshed V Rajan
Posted on : 27 May 2016

What similarities does Jammy find between a blog-camp and a marriage celebration? Trust him to find some really rib-tickling ones!

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Sometimes, all it takes is a light hearted approach to solve the most complex issues in a marriage

Of love, cartridges and razor blades

Jamshed V Rajan
Jamshed V Rajan
Posted on : 29 Apr 2016

Maybe, marriages are made in heaven but on earth, they are a high maintenance affair. Blogger Jammy, in his inimitable style, gives us the i...

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Jamshed V Rajan

Jamshed V Rajan Commented

26 Apr 2017

Comment :

It is not possible to have long distance relation. I have once and mess up big time. She was fine but I mess up. I went after another girl thinking she will not know but she knew. All ended after that. 

I guess this has no answer. It all depends on the dynamics and chemistry of the concerned couple. But I would still like to know hoe people cope up with it. Someone I know just moved out and is having a long distance relationship now!

Jamshed V Rajan

Jamshed V Rajan Commented

28 Oct 2016

Comment : I don't believe love goes away.

Though I haven't been able to test this hypothesis of mine but I think if you end up spending 24-48 hours with your first love, you have a high chance of poking the suppressed feelings long enough to wake them up.

The hypothesis is based on the fact that the first love would have been very basic, naive and yet heartfelt. It definitely wouldn't have been a calculated effort.

So yes, would meet and spend time with her. Maybe even try my hypothesis.

What will be your reaction if you come across her/ him, your teenage crush unexpectedlly? Will you avoid her or try to hide?

Will you be able to look into her eyes with same passion you once had?

Of course, each one has their own way of reacting.

Let's discuss how it would be for each of you?

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