Kabir Singh Bhandari is a stand-up comedian, journalist, mimicry artist and actor. In spite of all this, he still can't afford his own wedding. You can connect with him on Twitter @shadowwarior and you just might win a fully sponsored date. You, the reader, can also tell Sajid Khan what you feel about his thoughts on his Twitter handle @SimplySajidK.


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Bonobology | An Indian Man & His Reasons For Staying Away From Marriage Even At 30

30 and still not married!? An Indian man explains why

Kabir Singh Bhandari
Kabir Singh Bhandari
Posted on : 24 May 2016

Kabir Singh Bhandari's refreshing male viewpoint on matrimonial pressure from society, and his reasons for resistance.

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Sajid Khan on relationship lessons, one night stands and getting over a break up | Bonobology.com

"Many people get married for the wrong reasons" - Sajid Khan

Kabir Singh Bhandari
Kabir Singh Bhandari
Posted on : 10 Mar 2016

Kabir Singh Bhandari gets up close and personal with Sajid Khan, whom he refers to as the ‘filmi world ka encyclopedia’

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Kabir Singh Bhandari

Kabir Singh Bhandari Commented

04 Dec 2016

Comment : Everyone is judged regardless of whether you are a man or woman!

Ofcourse, in the case of the men your annual salary is one of the first things your prospective father in law shall ask of you!

Do men also feel that they are judged in the marriage market - for their looks, jobs, assets? Do men also feel that they are forced into matrimony? Share your experiences with the arranged marriage markets.

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