Zephyr aka Cybernag is an author and blogger with years of experience in writing and editing. Her writing spans the gamut of social issues, family and relationships. Her hugely popular series L&M and the Brats, is a tongue-in-cheek look at the antics of an average middle class Indian family – and has been published in national newspapers. In her other avatar as Thangamani, she is a grandmother and children’s writer, whose stories are part of several anthologies. She has also written two popular books - Children who made it Big and, When they were Children, published by the National Book Trust. Check out her blog, The Cyber Nag

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Much Ado Over Common Interests In Relationships | Bonobology

Are common interests necessary for a lasting relationship?

Zephyr aka Cybernag
Zephyr aka Cybernag
Posted on : 26 Aug 2016

Blogger and author Zephyr takes on the popular notion that couples must share interests in order to have an enduring marriage. But of course...

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