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Much Ado Over Common Interests In Relationships | Bonobology

Are common interests necessary for a lasting relationship?

Zephyr aka Cybernag
Zephyr aka Cybernag
Posted on : 26 Aug 2016

Blogger and author Zephyr takes on the popular notion that couples must share interests in order to have an enduring marriage. But of course...

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Zephyr aka Cybernag

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30 Jan 2017

Comment : It is true that the couple might have had many individual or combined dreams when they were younger, but often they can't be fulfilled in the later years. For instance I love travel and couldn't indulge in it during my younger years due to job and family responsibilities. Now, when I have no responsibilities, my health doesn't permit me the luxury as I am one of those creatures of habit and routine and fall ill if they are disrupted in any way. I substituted other dreams and am very happy turning them into reality. The husband on the other hand had only wanted to teach underprivileged children (we never shared interests that way!( and is doing admirably realising his dreams.

In my opinion, one has to have realistic dreams when young which can be modified, junked or replaced as one grows older to suit one's physical, financial and social conditions. It is not always possible to pause and take up an interest that one had in his or her younger years. The trick is to not feel resentful or regret what can't be helped. After all, change is part of life and the sooner we embrace it, the happier we will be.

At times I wonder whether senior citizens revive an old, forgotten, unfulfilled dream after spending decades together as a married couple. Or maybe they come up with a new dream and make it a passion to ensure it does not remain a pipe dream this time.

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