Anandam Ravi is a corporate learning designer by profession and a writer at heart. She finds inspiration in lost keys, kitchen debacles, the world around, and her children.

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The rules to be followed in the bedroom for a successful marriage |

Ten commandments for the bedroom

Anandam Ravi
Anandam Ravi
Posted on : 31 Mar 2017

Some commandments that you must follow for marital good relations

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Marriage Romance Through Medicine Reminders & Gluten-Free Rotis | Bonobology

Marital Love Ebbs and Flows, Wanes and Waxes...

Anandam Ravi
Anandam Ravi
Posted on : 10 Aug 2016

The question isn’t about whether you love your spouse or not. It is about how – do you discover newer ways of loving them once married?

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Bonobology | On the Obsession with Tracing Lineages at Indian Weddings

Indian weddings and the art of tracing lineages

Anandam Ravi
Anandam Ravi
Posted on : 11 Jun 2016

Anandam Ravi tries to wrap her head around the Indian obsession with tracing lineages, especially at weddings

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