Preeti has a doctorate in zoological sciences, is an avid reader, writer and proofreader, and wields both the pen and the ladle with élan.

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When Love Overcomes All Obstacles & Handicap | Bonobology

Love Overcomes any Handicap

Preeti Talwar
Preeti Talwar
Posted on : 11 Sep 2016

Her never-say-die attitude has made me strong and I will not hang up my boots while I live

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Bonobology | Despite Problems I Found Love In My Arranged Indian Marriage

I did not marry for love, but I found it in marriage

Preeti Talwar
Preeti Talwar
Posted on : 07 Jun 2016

A long distance marriage, nosey in-laws and a distant husband could not make Preeti Talwar give up on her marriage

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The Goan Romance

This story is about cementing relationships among six people with love,magnanimity and a pragmatic approach to life.

The st ...

Preeti Talwar    
preeti 20 Mar 2017
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The Mil And Dil Conundrum

Marriage for a girl and boy means immense happiness,shared dreams,passions,living happily forever.

Is this so?

Preeti Talwar    
preeti 19 May 2017
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Preeti Talwar

Preeti Talwar Commented

02 Dec 2016

Comment : Archna you did what your heart wanted,my story is similar to yours,i am well educated,did a little work after marriage and took an emphatic decision not to work after the kids were born.People have scoffed at me,thinking i have wasted my education sitting in the house.It included both friends and relatives,my husband supported my decision,now when my children have done well for themselves,people have started eulogising my efforts.I gave a deaf ear and a blind eye and my only catharsis lies in writing.I may not be a renowned author but it gives me a sense of satisfaction which no job could give.Think of education as a fixed deposit which can be used at any juncture,

Preeti Talwar

Preeti Talwar Commented

25 Nov 2016

Comment : Better late than never,try and raise your child with confidence so that your past doesn't hamper the child,we should not become voiceless but fight for our rights.Live for yourself
Domestic Abuse - Let

Why I never talked about my abusive arranged marriage

Mira Soni
Mira Soni
Posted on : 25 Nov 2016

Why did she, and millions of other women remain in abusive marriages? How can she put it behind her?

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Preeti Talwar

Preeti Talwar Commented

06 Oct 2016

Comment : You seem to be irked by his cooking in the house as you might be scared your vessels would be contaminated,i think our thinking should broaden he is only eating it not doung any harm to you,vessels can be washed well and used.I am a vegan but my husband eats once in a while and cooks and cleans everything so there is no fuss.Learn to accomodate instead of being on a high horse relationship would improve.

I got married recently. I am a pure vegetarian but my husband eats chicken. How do I tell him without offending that I am fine if he eats outside but should not eat chicken inside the house?

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