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Preeti has a doctorate in zoological sciences, is an avid reader, writer and proofreader, and wields both the pen and the ladle with élan.

When Love Overcomes All Obstacles & Handicap | Bonobology

Love Overcomes any Handicap

Preeti Talwar
Preeti Talwar
Posted on : 11 Sep 2016

Her never-say-die attitude has made me strong and I will not hang up my boots while I live

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Bonobology | Despite Problems I Found Love In My Arranged Indian Marriage

I did not marry for love, but I found it in marriage

Preeti Talwar
Preeti Talwar
Posted on : 07 Jun 2016

A long distance marriage, nosey in-laws and a distant husband could not make Preeti Talwar give up on her marriage

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