Avinash Kumar Verma is an analyst by profession, writer by soul and describes himself as a work-in-progress author, wife’s personal photographer, a wanderer who has stopped by six countries so far, guitarist when on his own and many things more. He believes he can achieve anything and everything, if desired.

An analyst by profession, lover at heart, writer at soul, a shy shutterbug, wannabe reader and an owner of a curious mind.

A Lie

A Prisoner of Birth

Anything that's cooked by my mom.


Stories by Avinash Kumar Verma

My Girlfriend & I Made A Pact To Not Smoke Thereafter | Bonobology.Com

My girlfriend’s first pull of the cigarette

Avinash Kumar Verma
Avinash Kumar Verma
Posted on : 12 Jun 2017

She really, really wanted to do it, and he did it all the time, so…

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Funny Stories About A Married Couple | A Magical Evening in Frankfurt | Bonobology

That magical evening in Frankfurt

Avinash Kumar Verma
Avinash Kumar Verma
Posted on : 06 Sep 2016

Our oven was spewing out smoke that evening. And yet, it remains one of my best memories, till date, of our times spent together in Frankfur...

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Bonobology | Marriage & Money | Which Partner Pays The Bills?

Who pays the bills...the husband or the wife?

Avinash Kumar Verma
Avinash Kumar Verma
Posted on : 09 Jun 2016

When both the husband and the wife bring home a decent salary, and yet, the expenses soar, is it time to split the bills and have 'the money...

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