Tuli Banerjee is a feature writer and an ex-journalist. She loves reading and crafting content about love and relationships. Tuli earned a gold medal for her Masters in English Literature from the Gujarat University. She is a lover of world cultures, reptiles, food, oceans and wild spaces.

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May December Romance | Romantic Pairing With Large Age Gaps | Bonobology

Age is no barrier when you fall in love

Tuli Banerjee
Tuli Banerjee
Posted on : 01 Feb 2016

Relationships are about more than physical attraction, love can exist among all different ages, discovers Tuli Banerjee

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Tuli Banerjee

Tuli Banerjee Commented

06 Dec 2016

Comment : Infidelity is usually understood as a violation of the marital agreement, a betrayal of one's trust, and a threat to the marital bond. Online infidelity is a new concept and I feel a spouse will feel as betrayed, hurt and angry by online infidelity as they would if skin-to-skin adultery had taken place.

Recourse: a married couple must focus on enhancing intimacy between themselves by identifying ways by which they could spend more time together. They must think of doing joint activities that they both enjoy and can take brief vacations during weekends, as methods to enhance emotional bonding.

Will it be considered infidelity if a man enjoys cyber-sex and porn more sexually pleasing and exciting than the real one with his spouse? What's the recourse for the same if marital sex has turned too mundane and internet fills in the gap?

Tuli Banerjee

Tuli Banerjee Commented

17 Nov 2016

Comment : Of course yes. I know of many couples who have met through matrimonials and are now happily married. Arrange marriages are still in vogue.

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