Jayeeta Ganguly is a Kolkata-based journalist-turned-independent content developer, creative and features writer, editor; faculty member, and author. Her first book, Just Another Fan, was published by Smriti Publishers in 2010.


Stories by Jayeeta Ganguly

Girl to Girl Relationship: The Love Story of Maya & Meera | Bonobology

The love story of Maya and Meera

Jayeeta Ganguly
Jayeeta Ganguly
Posted on : 28 Sep 2016

When more and more couples are falling out of love; divorcing or simply maintaining a façade before society, this story is a whiff of fresh ...

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I Became A Writer Because Of My Wife | Ashwin Sanghi Interview | Bonobology

"I became a writer because of my wife" - Ashwin Sanghi

Jayeeta Ganguly
Jayeeta Ganguly
Posted on : 23 Jun 2016

Jayeeta Ganguly brings you an interview, where author Ashwin Sanghi talks candidly about his wife and marriage, and shares important relatio...

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