Raksha Bharadia is a writer and editor. She has authored three books published by Rupa & Co. She has put together 13 titles in the Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul series for Westland. She has also worked as a scriptwriter with Star Plus. She has been a columnist for Femina, Ahmedabad Mirror, and DNA, Ahmedabad. Raksha has taught creative writing for a Master’s Program at CEPT, Ahmedabad. Bonobology.com is Raksha’s first significant foray in the digital space.

I am intrigued with relationships


Miserliness! And people who get drunk and make a fool of themselves

So many!

Gujju food. Thanda parantha!


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Distance made the designers hearts grow fonder - How taking time apart helps in strengthening relationships.

Time apart knits us closer

Raksha Bharadia
Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 22 Apr 2017

They lived together and worked together and when crisis hit, misunderstandings started to flare up. What was the solution?

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Mimlu Sen talks about Love between Man and Woman | Bonobology

The duality of love: An interview with Mimlu Sen

Raksha Bharadia
Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 16 Mar 2017

Mimlu Sen reflects on her 25-year partnership with Paban Das Baul

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Importance of Good Relationship between Husband and Wife | Bonobology

I do namaste to my wife every day because

Raksha Bharadia
Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 04 Feb 2017

She tried everything to get him to stop using tobacco products, but…

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Need to feel Wanted | Bonobology

She feels wanted

Raksha Bharadia
Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 28 Jan 2017

The doctor predicted she wouldn’t survive very long, but her husband loved her…

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Sexual Intimacy in Marriage | Bonobology

Marriage and sexual compatibility

Raksha Bharadia
Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 18 Jan 2017

Sexual compatibility is becoming an increasingly important part of today's marriages, says counselling psychologist Salony Priya in an inter...

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Lost In Translation

I screamed, ‘You just don’t care’

I meant, ‘Please give me your attention’

I shot, ‘I can’t han ...

Raksha Bharadia   
RakshaBharadia 27 Mar 2017
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I have been quite intrigued with the emotion of jealousy in romantic love. I want to understand why it holds the power it does, why does it make us ...

Raksha Bharadia   
RakshaBharadia 18 Apr 2017
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Read this on a research site! Facebook ends marriages! intrigued me.

Flirty messages and photographs found on Facebook are increasingly being cited as proof of unreasonable behaviour or irreconcilable differences. Ma ... Read More

A friend chats with young men, men about 10 years her junior but I see that she is the happiest of the lot amongst us. We are all righteous but angry all the time.

Now I am begining to see her smartness, the attention she wants she gets and she is inherently happy and it is also not messing her marriage. Do yo ... Read More

Close and happy human relationships provide protection against stress. Thus, love, in its various forms, makes the best health insurance! What do you think?

smileyRead More

What are some of the best Bollywood dialogues on love, romance or couples.

Other themes for dialogue could be about betrayal, intimacy, marriage..my fav? From the movie bajirao mastani, ‘aap mujhe se meri jaan maang lete, has ... Read More

Do we really want to know the truth about our partners? The whole truth?

We don't even know the truth about ourselves--it's too complex, we change everyday. Would I love my hubby more, would our marriage be stronger, if we ... Read More

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Raksha Bharadia

Raksha Bharadia Commented

26 Apr 2017

Comment :

Wow! This is poken from the heart and needs to be understood well! Thanks for this Aarti! 

The question just stopped me in my tracks? Whom i will choose to help? My friend or his/her better half? Will i let better sense prevail? or will i get emotional about the issue?Who will i work to save?

Raksha Bharadia

Raksha Bharadia Commented

25 Apr 2017

Comment :

Hi Ankur, I did a lot of research on this, went to many therapists and counsellors as I was working on my book. Understood these reasons...

1. Infidelity. 

2. In-laws! (Yes believe it or not, In-laws it sems micro-manage even if they are cities apart) 

3. Small town girl/boy marrying a big town person. Differences in the way they look at things...small issues become big ones! 

4. Women stepping out, becoming independent. Men do not know how to handle it.




I got divorced when my wife and I realised we no longer were the people the other fell in love with. Our society still stigmatises divorce. What do you think are the top reasons for divorce in India?

Raksha Bharadia

Raksha Bharadia Commented

25 Apr 2017

Comment : Interesting !
She thought it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship, but he had other plans

He gave me the perfect birthday and then never contacted me again!

Jaikala Prasad
Jaikala Prasad
Posted on : 25 Apr 2017

What she thought was the beginning of a beautiful relationship turned into an ending

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Raksha Bharadia

Raksha Bharadia Commented

24 Apr 2017

Comment :

I did a lot of research on this and one thing that pops put a lot is how people go and find their old crushes via social media and visit not the person that is there then, but the idea of the person when they were young and relatively carefree, which in turns causes a lot of complication. 

We have a quiz also on our website which gives you an output on how social media impacts your relationship. 


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