Darshana Shukul is in love with the world of words, books and music. She's a former journalist and a full-time freelance writer, who's keen to turn into an author soon.

I am in love with the world of words


Fake Emotions

The Kite Runner

I love Beatles and Elvis and all western classic movies



Stories by Darshana Shukul

Long Distance Love? Bring It On | Bonobology

Long-distance love? Bring it on

Darshana Shukul
Darshana Shukul
Posted on : 16 Sep 2016

Since their courtship days, Neema and Sagar have been living apart. But that has only served to bring them emotionally closer

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A True Love Story That Gave Hope To An HIV Positive Woman | Bonobology

Love Brings Sunshine

Darshana Shukul
Darshana Shukul
Posted on : 29 Aug 2016

Mansi was all set to end her life alone, but Raju came as a ray of hope and magically transformed her life

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Making the Most of A Long Distance Marriage | Bonobology

Making the Most of Long Distance Marriages

Darshana Shukul
Darshana Shukul
Posted on : 26 Jul 2016

Three couples in long distance marriages reveal the secrets of their happy wedlocks

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A Magical Musical Marriage | A Love Story | Bonobology

A magical, musical marriage

Darshana Shukul
Darshana Shukul
Posted on : 29 Jun 2016

The love of music brought them together and opened up a whole new world before her. Darshana Shukul narrates her musical love story...

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