The Mystery Of Resemblance Between Life Partners

I often get intrigued by the stark resemblance between life partners. It could be the years that they spend together or the influence they have on eac ...
Ranjana Kamo        
Ranjana Kamo 27 Jun 2017
Views: 20

The Fusion Reaction

Locked out and heart beating at triple his usual heart rate! He was just a few steps away from holding the love of his life telling him she loved him ...
Antara Rakesh        
Antara Rakesh 27 Jun 2017
Views: 197

To The Man Who (N)Ever Loved Me

(Note to the reader : Dear reader, please note the edit done at a later date, at the end of this article, which is perhaps the most important part of ...
Dipti Mishra        
Dipti Mishra 27 Jun 2017
Views: 29

Moving On |

I refuse to tolerate your obfuscated conversations. I refuse to take it. I refuse to be part of it.Today, I refute it all.You sought comfort from the ...
Elizabeth Benny        
Elizabeth Benny 27 Jun 2017
Views: 9

How I Become Emotionally Independent After I Left My Job

Leaving a full time job means leaving the financial independence but for me it additionally meant loss of emotional support. One year ago, when I deci ...
Megha Sehgal        
Megha Sehgal 27 Jun 2017
Views: 26


Sex was sold there in lieu of money. It was largely comparable to a vegetable market, cloth market, jewellery market. Or any other market which sales ...
Sachin Singh        
Sachin Singh 26 Jun 2017
Views: 18

The Unblessed Lady

Kalyani was the only child of her parents. Her father, Ramdas, was a barber by caste and profession. In those times, feudalism persisted, quite palpab ...
Sachin Singh        
Sachin Singh 26 Jun 2017
Views: 14

When Love Bloomed Amid Tragic Situations

Deepti and her mother Kavita were making regular trips to the hospital, an ordeal that was draining their physical and emotional strength day by day. ...
Ranjana Kamo        
Ranjana Kamo 26 Jun 2017
Views: 128

The Eclipse

Moon was the princess of the Night,And Sun, the scorching warrior of the days,Nobody knew when they started dating,But they were in love always.The Ni ...
Vishal Kashyap        
Vishal Kashyap 26 Jun 2017
Views: 7

My First Crush

About a week ago, I was slurping evening tea when my mother handed me a yellow envelope. The cursive handwriting on the envelope appeared vaguely fami ...
Sachin Singh        
Sachin Singh 26 Jun 2017
Views: 18

My Brother's Wife

When my elder brother got married the house went lively and cheerful. Susheela Bhabhi was worshipped like a goddess when she first arrived at her in-l ...
Sachin Singh        
Sachin Singh 26 Jun 2017
Views: 15

The Other Woman

There is another woman betwixt us. She writhes and twists like a poisonous vine between me and him. She talks in a voice that mirrors his thoughts. Sh ...
TaniaDey 24 Jun 2017
Views: 25

Osho On Commitment & Possession Issues In Marriage:

Osho on commitment issues in marriage:My idea of marriage is that two persons who are happy on their own join together to share their happiness -- bu ...
Anand Kamal Goel        
Anand Kamal Goel 24 Jun 2017
Views: 32

Osho: In Marriage Remain Individuals!

Marriage becomes poisoned the moment you take it seriously.The moment you start taking the other for granted you are already in trouble; then sooner o ...
Anand Kamal Goel        
Anand Kamal Goel 24 Jun 2017
Views: 50

Osho: On Fear Of Performance In Sexual Act

The whole humanity has lived very sex-centredly, so everything hangs there. If you can achieve a total orgasm things will immediately change. If you c ...
Anand Kamal Goel        
Anand Kamal Goel 24 Jun 2017
Views: 20

An Excerpt From The Nights With Him

There is something about him, when he sleeps. Every night I tuck myself in a stupor of his fresh fragrance and I wake up bathed in his scents. It is a ...
TaniaDey 24 Jun 2017
Views: 25

Do You?

Do you remember about our park? The one where most of our time spent? Where all our fights were resolved? Where most of our kisses happened? Where we ...
Dr Prashant Kumar Shukla        
Dr Prashant Kumar Shukla 24 Jun 2017
Views: 98


‘What the hell is going on between my husband and that bitch?' Maya's patience was at its lowest ebb and she was ready to burst.Sanjay knew that she w ...
LEENA JHA        
LEENA JHA 24 Jun 2017
Views: 20

Life Gave Me Lemons

Ya, I am good in making mocktails…It was March 2012, the time when I had to write my class 12th and different entrance examinations. My father’s healt ...
Arundhati Kanungo        
Arundhati Kanungo 23 Jun 2017
Views: 65

My Singing Concert In The Bathroom!

22nd June, 2017. Around 8 am in the morning.I had to visit my gynaceologist for my routine checkup & I was getting ready for the same when disaste ...
Ankeeta 23 Jun 2017
Views: 106
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