A Road Less Travelled

It was just another day. I went to the Dog Adoption Camp like I had done, so many times before.My induction into the world of strays and rehabilitatio ...
AartiPathak 28 Mar 2017
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Abandoned Homes

Why do you share your joys with all, while leaving bruises on a selective few?Why search for home in heart of a stranger, only to abandon, l ...
Rajashree Basu        
Rajashree Basu 28 Mar 2017
Views: 13

Lost In Translation

I screamed, ‘You just don’t care’I meant, ‘Please give me your attention’I shot, ‘I can’t handle this anymore’I meant, ‘I want your help to work this ...
RakshaBharadia 27 Mar 2017
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I Have A New Friend

As I saw people around me hurrying fast I felt strangely calm. The afternoon which had turned cold and strangely dark made me feel fine. People starte ...
Pranjal Baruah        
Pranjal Baruah 27 Mar 2017
Views: 71

I Am Ammuru

It’s neither Basonti Pujo nor Durga Puja but still I felt like writing this blog. Right now I am in a small village at Seemandhra. Everything is just ...
JoyeetaTalukdar 27 Mar 2017
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Caterwauling And Connubial Bliss

It was Brijesh who first pointed it out. We were waiting for the rest of the gang to turn up for the routine Saturday binge when he did something not ...
LZhivago07 27 Mar 2017
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That day had came, which I feared the most,Since the very first moment of revival of our bond,I was sure that this day would arrive,And would break me ...
Yamini Jain        
Yamini Jain 26 Mar 2017
Views: 15


Did you hear that sound?It was not sweet.Like the crushing of glassunder high heeled feet,Like the smashing of plateson a kitchen wallLike the wanderi ...
Tulika Saha        
Tulika Saha 24 Mar 2017
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The Letter

What do you want me to write tonight, my love?For every word of mine is a gift from you to me. Let me not pen down the usual letters, maybe.  ...
Rajashree Basu        
Rajashree Basu 23 Mar 2017
Views: 200

Hanging Around

Two strangers meet. Romanced to marriage, or married to togetherness, any which way, they cover distances together. Uphill, down the slope, in the rai ...
TapanMozumdar 23 Mar 2017
Views: 45

The Goan Romance

This story is about cementing relationships among six people with love,magnanimity and a pragmatic approach to life.The story revolves around the prot ...
preeti 20 Mar 2017
Views: 120

Oh My God!

                                          &nb ...
Ashok Chhibbar        
Ashok Chhibbar 20 Mar 2017
Views: 31

The Major And The Minor

My friendship with Dax goes a long way back. In fact, one could say we were born on the same day! In a manner of speaking, Dax was my alter ego. One e ...
Ashok Chhibbar        
Ashok Chhibbar 19 Mar 2017
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