The Hard Truth Of A Couple

No relationship is all sunshine, but, what if, it is only darkness that covers it. Today, I am going to share an incident which I came across as a cou ...
Arundhati Kanungo        
Arundhati Kanungo 23 May 2017
Views: 44

The Red Cardigan

A befitting tribute to my protagonists through Donald Peer's song "Papa he loves mama,Mama she loves papa."A sweet,subtle love story of a couple durin ...
preeti 22 May 2017
Views: 27

Love Is A Language..

Have you ever thought what Love is? I know it’s world’s the most difficult, the most confusing and the most subjective question. The ancient Greeks ca ...
Shipra 22 May 2017
Views: 10

Take Me As I’Am: The 8Th Vow

Definition of Marriage – “The legally or formally recognized union of a man and a woman as partners in a personal relationship”It won’t be wrong to sa ...
Shipra Pande        
Shipra Pande 20 May 2017
Views: 68


Note: Written for my husband, on the occasion of our tenth wedding anniversary, on November 2015Hand-in-hand, we melt in burningTrudging along the sun ...
Lopa Banerjee        
Lopa Banerjee 20 May 2017
Views: 49

The Mil And Dil Conundrum

Marriage for a girl and boy means immense happiness,shared dreams,passions,living happily forever.Is this so?Whether love or arranged marriages are no ...
preeti 19 May 2017
Views: 34

Transparency In Relationship Can Save Many Hearts.

In the New age, where opportunity to meet the opposite sex is rising, the word ‘fidelity’ has started going out of fashion. The new ‘in’ word is ‘betr ...
DarshanaDoshi 18 May 2017
Views: 17

Musings On Monopoly And Polyamory

A few years ago, I didn't even know what the term polyamory meant ! And then I encountered people who actually practice polyamory or varied version of ...
Preeti 18 May 2017
Views: 11

Open Relationship Is Natural, Monogamy Is Unnatural

There is nothing unusual about loving more then one person.Have your ever wondered that how romantic love we feel for a person is different from the l ...
Saurabh Dalal        
Saurabh Dalal 18 May 2017
Views: 14

Men Will Be Men........

I am not against men and neither a feminist. But all the men that I have come across in my life have mostly given me tough lessons. These men include ...
Jaikala 17 May 2017
Views: 15

Ataraktos- Tranquility

I have seen your eyes filled with passion and burn with desire. I have seen the naked animal that sometimes wants to devour me and sometimes cherish e ...
Preeti 17 May 2017
Views: 18

What Have I Learnt From Life

MAY 16, 2017My life is not perfect. I have had my share of ups & downs. Most importantly, I have gone through what most girls do. Like every girl ...
Ankeeta 17 May 2017
Views: 15

The App That Kissed The Ugly Frog........

Browsing through facebook, I suddenly happened to come across a photo of an old friend. She was looking drop dead gorgeous, her flawless glowing skin, ...
Ketki 17 May 2017
Views: 10

A Heartfelt Letter From A Fan

Dear Shah Rukh Sir,I am a huge fan of yours and I've always been. I still have your autograph when you had come to Fiji in 1998 with Juhi Chawla and c ...
Ketki 17 May 2017
Views: 12

The Morning Cuppa

As I sit sipping my morning cup of teaThoughts involuntarily saunter towards theeAlthough you are quite far awayMy thoughts are steady and do not stra ...
Ashok Chhibbar        
Ashok Chhibbar 16 May 2017
Views: 27

Ailing Spouses

We don’t normally talk of the difficulty of the decision to divorce or to stay put when the spouse is ailing.What do you do when your partner suffers ...
Madhuri. Y        
Madhuri. Y 16 May 2017
Views: 26

Why Are Men More Ready To Remarry?

Facts can be facts, but we need to get beneath them to understand what’s really happening.Take for instance the fact that in India, twice the number o ...
Madhuri. Y        
Madhuri. Y 16 May 2017
Views: 19

How Lethal Is The Indian Mother-In-Law?

She looked at him with eyes filled with love, mingled with anxiety. An expression her son had not seen on her face since the day he had got married fo ...
Amrita Mukherjee Author        
Amrita Mukherjee Author 14 May 2017
Views: 33

The Favourite Among The Mil's Daughters In Law

Well this is my story, the story in many homes probably.. my mil has 2 sons.. the elder one happens to be my hubby. she's brought them up in a good wa ...
shambhavi shesh        
shambhavi shesh 12 May 2017
Views: 26

Her Name Is Hope

Her name is HOPE!She is a thoughtA journeyA destinationShe is everything you needShe tremblesShe falls She gets back upShe survivesIf you have herSo w ...
KrutiPatel 12 May 2017
Views: 20
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