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How justified is the idea of arrange marriage??

Parents expects their children to go for arrange marriage but without knowing each other how can two people be tied with one another? ... Read More

Will any man accept a partner with her past???

We live in a society where men are not questioned about their past but women are expected to have no past relationships. How fair do you think this is ... Read More

How is it to have sex with your husband, when you know he doesn't love, care and respect you ?

It happens sometimes in the Indian arranged marriages. It is considered as a duty and a right to have sex after marriage, even though one of the partn ... Read More

When is the right time to say to yourself, " I need A divorce. " ?

Most of us get struck in our decision making stages, whether should we put in more efforts to make our relationship work, or is it the time now to say ... Read More

Common mother tongue - does it matter for a couple?

So my husband and I have different languages as our mother tongues so we resort to communicating in English or Hindi. While I know his language and s ... Read More

Is Monogamy really logical?

Don't we change all through out life? Every 3-4 years we can't believe what we were 3 years back. We are smarter. Our dreams have changed. etc. If suc ... Read More

Do you always know when your spouse is getting into crisis mode?

Men or women who go through a mid life crisis have many symptoms. But it differs from person to person. The timing differs. Someone would have it at 4 ... Read More

Break up...stopped growing in the relationship

My ex left me saying she has stopped growing in this relationship. I thought we were in a happy place. What does this mean? ... Read More

I'm a 30 year old doctor.. and I'm under a lot of pressure to get married..

I'm stuck. It's like my life would end if I cross 30 being unmarried. Or I will remain single for ever. Coz 30 something girls don't have time lef ... Read More

Friend's boyfriend

My friend is about to tie the knot. Recently however I saw her boyfriend with another girl, in what seemed like a date. I am very confused if I should ... Read More

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