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do marriages on reality tv actually work?

mona lisa just married her boyfriend on BigBoss 10 but i find it fake. what's your take? ... Read More

Isn't a sense of self worth the most important thing in a rlationship?

After all, when you say I love you; you say I first. If your 'I' isn't strong enough, evolved enough - the relationship can never be fullfilling. ... Read More

Why karan Johar friendship with Kajol gone sour?

Do old friendships break up once one friend gets married? Like it happened with Kajol and Karan Johar? He announced at his book launch yesterday that ... Read More

Does romance get heightened during winters?

Everyone loves to cuddle up when it's cold right? Do you miss someone more in winters? Are you more open to romantic conversations in this weather? Do ... Read More

Do you feel jealous in your relationship? What really stirs up your emotions and how do you deal with it?

Some partners obviously get more jealous that others. What kind of things would make you the most jealous and how much jealousy would you accept from ... Read More

There is never a good bye for us

Do you feel lost after the separation as if the everlasting love is just a myth? ... Read More

Can one have sex without emotion?

Are you the type that is keen for everlasting love but can betray your dream and have mindless sex that is just a means to physical gratification whil ... Read More

Is it acceptable to have an understanding, romantic work relationship without compromising on marriage?

Close proximity for hours between two like minded people of opposite sex - who can deny this recipe for a delectable romance brewing? Conflict happens ... Read More

What makes men who cook for their partners better at romantic relationships?

Does enjoying the challenge of rustling up the perfect dish enable a man to perfect his relationship skills? In my opinion, it often does. What has yo ... Read More

How do you deal with jealousy issues in marriage??

In today's times, where men and women interact freely with each other ,how do you deal with and address jealousy issues in your relationship? ... Read More

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