Your favourite protagonist from a Classic book or movie and why?

Let's accept it. During our years of growing up, we come across some fictitious character in a book or a movie who is etched up by the writer so beautifully that it leaves behind an indelible imprint on mind, enough to last a lifetime. We get smitten. It could frame up our idea of a near-perfect hero or heroine. Who is your favourite protagonist from a Classic book or movie and why?


Jane Eyre. The strong and independent protagonist from Charlotte Bronte.


Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey..he is an independent, handsome, passionate, caring, young man and I find that extremely attractive.

  • Deepti
  • Posted: 10 Oct 2016

My all time favourite book is Shogun by James Clavell. I remember reading it thrice inspite of its voluminous nature (I think 700 pages) approximately 20 years ago. Despite the fact that I have read it two decades ago, I can never forget the protagonists Blackthorne as well as the Shogun himself Toranaga. The embodiment of goodness, compassion, stillness and resolve as part of their personalities as well as leadership ideologies makes them stand out in my mind as role models. Which is why they are both my favourite protagonists of all time.


Kena: I read Shogun way back. It didn't turn an easy piece of reading then, given the perplexity of both the story background as well as the profound characters sketched dexterously by Clavell. This, of course, besides the voluminous 700 odd pages of pure content that you have talked about. To have read the novel thrice, I'm sure there must have been a sense of immense pull towards the protagonists.

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