Are your parents okay with live-ins?

Inspite of all the laws that have been passed by the court, live-in is much frowned upon in India still. What is your opinion about it? Is it good/bad/ugly to live-in with your partner? And what about keeping your parents in the know?


Well, for me, its a little different for me. While I personally have nothing against it, but I as a person, really do not have the courage to get into one. I have been in 2 relationships till now and one of ex-es actually had proposed the idea. I couldnt get into it because, I have an inherent 'fear' surrounding it. (dont ask why, even I dont have an answer).


Live ins for me are a big no. It's not because of any taboo..but because I would want to rather indulge in a relationship that comes with commitment..because in more cases than one, I have seen that one of the two partners ends up bearing the brunt of a poor handled split.

  • Deepti
  • Posted: 10 Oct 2016

My brothers - who are well aware of the changing dimensions of the relationships these days - wouldn't be okay with "Live-ins" if their grown up children opt for one, let alone my parents. "Live-in" still have a "taboo" and considered as an unholy relationship by a big part of the India. it is considered as a "urban or big city affair". However I don't mind people having "live-in" relationships provided they are ready to accept the after consequences and outcomes - good/bad/ugly- of such relationships. Unlike in a marriage, it offers freedom for hassle-free get away from it, though it doesn't offer any "security" that any relationship yearns for at some point of time.


MithunMukherjee: I would like to differ here Tina. I think the times are changing, which is why we are now having this discussion. I can speak for myself, and I am pretty sure I would let my children be in a live-in. Also, "security", as you put it, is always a state-of-mind. It will exist or won't, in ANY relationship, with or without institutional boundaries. Both, I think, are exclusive of each other.

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