Are your parents okay with live-ins?

Inspite of all the laws that have been passed by the court, live-in is much frowned upon in India still. What is your opinion about it? Is it good/bad/ugly to live-in with your partner? And what about keeping your parents in the know?


Live ins for me are a big no. It's not because of any taboo..but because I would want to rather indulge in a relationship that comes with commitment..because in more cases than one, I have seen that one of the two partners ends up bearing the brunt of a poor handled split.

  • Deepti
  • Posted: 10 Oct 2016

My brothers - who are well aware of the changing dimensions of the relationships these days - wouldn't be okay with "Live-ins" if their grown up children opt for one, let alone my parents. "Live-in" still have a "taboo" and considered as an unholy relationship by a big part of the India. it is considered as a "urban or big city affair". However I don't mind people having "live-in" relationships provided they are ready to accept the after consequences and outcomes - good/bad/ugly- of such relationships. Unlike in a marriage, it offers freedom for hassle-free get away from it, though it doesn't offer any "security" that any relationship yearns for at some point of time.


MithunMukherjee: I would like to differ here Tina. I think the times are changing, which is why we are now having this discussion. I can speak for myself, and I am pretty sure I would let my children be in a live-in. Also, "security", as you put it, is always a state-of-mind. It will exist or won't, in ANY relationship, with or without institutional boundaries. Both, I think, are exclusive of each other.

I am all for live-ins, and as far as I know, even my parents are okay with me being in a live-in relationship. As a friend rightly mentioned in one of the previous comments, I feel live-in will prove disastrous in case one of the two partners are not serious about the relationship. I have had many close friends who have been in live-in relationships, but they have not informed their parents, because society. A section of India, I feel, will accept live-ins, but it will take a while for the change to become evident.

  • Vivek
  • Posted: 06 Oct 2016

MithunMukherjee: Well put vivek. But I think, that that mindset is slowly changing. It will take time. Right now its big cities, but is slowly seeping into the smaller setup too. And it is perhaps people like us, kids from small cities who made it big in a metro, who will usher in that change.

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