You think too much!

Whenever our partners cannot handle our intensity they say 'don't think too much'..thoughts, comments people?


“Thinking too much” varies from person to person and hence cannot be generalized. The thinking process of a corporate head honcho could be different (in the path of progress and finding solutions) while that of a person suffering from depression could be negative thoughts about self. Additionally, thinking too much must lead to some form of action, else it will be the case of only planning without an execution, a kind of a wishful thought. Ideally one should follow the classic “Deming Cycle” of “Think (or Plan) Do, Check, Act” and repeat the process.

As it is known, too much of thinking a.k.a. “Analysis” leads to mental “Paralysis” wherein the person becomes incapable of actions. Unless there is action, one cannot really see the results of his thoughts.

The converse too is true where some people do not think at all and jump into “doing” and without a proper thought process could lead to undoing an incorrect process or other issues like say, even spending on unwanted items as would be the case with impromptu purchases. In short, thinking is good and a required process, however it must be followed by a specific actionable. It’s a balance that requires to be achieved…

  • amankh
  • Posted: 04 Dec 2016

RakshaBharadia: Hmmm...yep. You are right. The thing is we do not have space or the support system that maybe our ancestors had, meditation, a comparatively less stressed life, the mesh of close relatives. That is taking a toll1

Aren't you again thinking 'too' much about thinking 'too' much? HaHa kidding! I cannot answer this because I hardly think/worry about stuff, but my husband does. He assumes because I dont think I am careless and not very responsible, so telling you the other side of the story too..

  • Kaavya
  • Posted: 03 Dec 2016

RakshaBharadia: Hahahaha :)

Thinking must not be confused with attention. Mostly a spouse when referring to thinking is hinting at attention towards him/her rather than the cognitive thinking of an individual. Thinking is the process of considering or reasoning about something. A spouse, mostly a wife is interested in attention.

Everyone knows what attention is. It is the taking possession by the mind in clear and vivid form, of one out of what seem several simultaneously possible objects or trains of thought...It implies withdrawal from some things in order to deal effectively with others.

When Raksha refers to "our" she must mean gender specific. LOL


RakshaBharadia: Hahahaha :) decoded it so well! But at times, one just doesn't want to get into conflicts and shut down all thinking there!

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